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FBA Prep Pricing

Marketplace Prep was founded on the basis of understanding the complexities of FBA Prep first. Everything from different prep types, shipment creation optimization, and shipping cost/freight optimization. We understand Amazon FBA, Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), and other Fulfillment services require specific requirements for products that are inbound to their facilities. Our goal is to be your trusted partner for preparing your products for these channels and eventually being a fulfillment partner ourselves We understand the product prep and labeling requirements and with our years of experience, we can ensure your products get prepped and received at your designated Fulfillment centers properly.

Prep Pricing


100-1,000 units/month


1,001-2,500 units/month


2,501-5,000 units/month


5,001+ units/month

Additional Services*

* Please note, these prices are available to accommodate most customers. High volume, special situation, or custom plans can always be discussed. There are additional, more-specific prep types available for more complex prep as well. 

Fulfillment, DTC, MFN, B2B Pricing

We are expanding our services in 2024 to start offering Fulfillment! Because of the nuances surrounding fulfillment, please reach out with information regarding your needs. We look to expand this service more and offer many integrations, carriers, and much more. 

Want to work with us? Reach out!

Please note we currently refer most Arbitrage (OA/RA) clients to partner facilities.
Due to demand for our services, we typically have a waitlist for our services. We'd love to work with everyone, but try to align our clients with our expertise the best way possible. Use for the most timely response.