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Wholesale Prep

Are you a wholesale seller or brand partner with brands? Do you buy your inventory from Distributors, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, or Brands? We can help! We specialize in product prep and shipment optimization for it. We understand the logistical advantage of working with a facility centralized in the US and near a critical Amazon Fulfillment Center (FTW1).

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Need products polybagged? Labeled? Aggregate orders from various suppliers and let us help you get your products to Amazon FBA!

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Bundling and MUltipacks

Need items groups together? Same sku, multi-sku, and more! We can help. Need items boxes because they are heavy? We can help with that!

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Specialty Prep

We know all products are unique. We have done specialty prep for a variety of clients. Reach out to see if we can help!

What makes us different?

Wholesale Prep

Wholesale Prep includes a very wide variety of prep. Because of this, we charge tiered pricing based on volume and scope of prep. A large volume of items that will only need a label will cost much less than thousands of glass jars.

Pricing is dependent on volume. A few variables that will help us on pricing are:

1. How many different skus do you need prep services for? (Approximate)
2. What volume do you anticipate per month in number of units?
3. Typical prep requirements for your inventory (Polybag, 3-Packs, Bubble Wrap, 4-SKU Bundles, Label-only, etc)
4. Any questions you may have or specific processes you are curious about.

The more information you provide, the better we can answer your questions! Feel free to reach out below!

Reach out below!